• Characteristics

  • Airtècnics Air Curtains Characteristics:

    • Wide range: Whatever your application we have an air curtain to suit.
    • Control and regulation: new controllers with attractive design and smaller dimensions. Basic or sophisticated remote controls with manual or automatic functioning for energy saving applications. BMS interface. Controls can operate with devices as door contact, room thermostat, valves, anti-freezing sensor, etc…
    • Elegant and compact: aesthetic air curtains easy to match to any architectural interiors. Commercial models with no visible screws. Optimized construction to minimize the dimensions.
    • Finishes: painted any colour (metallic on option), different materials (stainless steel, wood, aluminium, etc…), different inlet grilles, etc…
    • Customized: Offer the possibility to brand an entrance with corporate logos or slogans. Insert signs, clocks, lights, etc...
    • Low noise level: our units offer a low noise level with higher performance. We use high quality fans and motors together with adequate regulation, specific geometry, etc…
    • Reliable and durable: designed with high quality components for trouble free long live.
    • Easy and quick installation: minimum installation time free of mistakes. Except some design models unit shouldn’t be opened to install because all connections are external. Plug & Play connection with telephone cable and connectors RJ45. Threaded nuts assembled on the unit to make easy the fixation.
    • Reduced maintenance: Cleaning regularly only.

    Airtecnics Advantages:

    Quality:  100% of the air curtains are tested and verified, according to the agreement with our quality system ISO 9001-2000 certificated by Applus.
    Our products are marked CE, in compliance with the directives and applicable regulations.

    Technical support:  Our professional technical team with vast experience is entirely at your disposal to answer your doubts and queries about the installation and operation of our air curtains.
    In addition, there is ample technical documentation in our private download zone: instruction manuals, operating and servicing of the air curtains and its controllers, wiring diagrams, accessories instructions, dimension drawings, DWG files, special instructions, finishes, troubleshooting, etc…

    Selecting programme: Airtècnics has developed exclusive software to help you select the right air curtain according to the specific characteristics and placement of the installation. It shows all possible mounting accessories and the several possibilities in terms of control and regulation. It also includes technical data, manuals, certificates, product images, installation examples, etc.
    Included with a calculation section, very useful to estimate the energy and economic savings result of using an efficient air curtain on a doorway.

    Short delivery time: Our big stock of components allows us to guarantee a reduced delivery time. Our flexible structure gives us the possibility to help our client on urgent projects.

    Established Brand: Airtecnics exports to over 30 countries and has a large and acknowledged experience in air curtains. We can say with pride that we are on top of air curtain technology. Our main focus is continuous improvement.

    Service oriented to customers: Our worldwide network offers everyday competitive solutions to any requirement regarding air curtains. Our clients feedback gives us the opportunity to improve our products and services.

    2 years guarantee

    The guarantee covers the cost of repair or replacement of a product sent back to our factory in the event a component has failed, due to a defect of production. The labour outside our warehouse and transport are not included. The guarantee does not cover products that in our judgment have been manipulated or used inadequately, badly installed, connected to different nominal tensions, modified or repaired by unauthorized personnel, or damaged in transport.

    5 years extended guarantee
    A guarantee extension from 2 to 5 years is available, with the same conditions.

    5 years “total guarantee”
    Optionally a “total guarantee” can be contracted. It includes the repairs “on site” of our air curtains, components and labour (availability limited to certain countries). The products that in our judgment have been manipulated or used inadequately, badly installed, connected to different nominal tensions, modified or repaired by unauthorized personnel, or damaged in transport are excluded from the guarantee.


Air Curtains Range

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