• Accessories

  • We offer a large range of accessories to cover all kinds of request.

    • Supports: Air curtains can be installed in horizontal or vertical position. Also, they can be fixed to the ceiling, wall or floor.
      Airtecnics has standard supports to install each model of air curtain in the desired option if possible.

     accessories omega wall support wall rail

             Omega Wall Support                 Wall Rail Support                   Foot
    By request standard supports can be delivered with any Ral colour. Some supports are available in stainless steel. We also produce tailor made supports according to the client requirements (special design, dimensions, finishes, fixing points, etc…)

    Airtecnics air curtains have been designed to allow a lot of hanging or fixing possibilities. For instance, see above the support options of horizontal Rund air curtain:

        Rund arms fixing wall or ceiling         Rund threaded bars fixing to ceiling

      Fixed with round arms to the wall                 Fixed with threaded bars 

                     or ceiling                                             to the ceiling

        Rund arms lateral fixing to walls       Rund angle support fixing to wall

            Fixed with round arms                        Fixed with angles to the wall 

                to lateral walls                                         or ceiling 

                                        rund round arms fixing floor goalpost

                                     Fixed with goal posts to the floor

    • Auxiliary devices: We supply all necessary devices to help the air curtain control. Depending on the desired functioning you should combine them with Airtecnics controls.
      accesories door contact analogical thermostat telephone cable     
                 Door Contact              Analogical Thermostat            Telephone Cable

    Accesories valve solenoid
              Thermostatic Valve             Solenoid Valve               Anti freezing sensor

    Our expert consultants with their extensive experience are at your disposal to help you.


Air Curtains Range

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