• Air Curtain Control and regulation

  • Air curtain control is essential to prevent unnecessary energy usage by modifying the performance of the air curtain according to the situation of each moment.

    Using the appropriate control together with auxiliary devices the user can adjust the air flow to optimise the barrier and avoid air penetration across the doorway.



    Air curtain basic regulation  Manual automatic control air curtain  Advanced air curtain control

             Basic control          Manual/Automatic control          Advanced control


    Basic controllers allow modifying the ventilation speed and heating stages manually.

    Advanced controllers may include options such as:

    • Automatic functioning: modifying ventilation and/or heating depending on the situation
    • Connection to external sensors and/or devices
    • Include internal sensors (temperature, movement, etc…)
    • Interface connection to BMS systems
    • External ON/OFF
    • Time programmer ON/OFF
    • Thermostatic control
    • Internal security programs (protect components and avoid damages)
    • Automatic door contact
    • Valves, Anti freezing sensors, etc…

        thermostatic valve solenoide antifreezing

                    Door Contact                    Solenoid Valve            Anti freezing sensor 


    External sensors and devices help to control and modify the performance of the air curtain to protect the unit and be more efficient in each situation.


    For instance, if we install a door contact connected to the air curtain, when the door remains closed the air curtain is OFF or working at low ventilation speed and/or lower heating stage, saving energy. When the door is opened, the air curtain will increase the ventilation speed and/or heating stage to protect the doorway.
    Another example is connecting the air curtain to a room thermostat. Then the unit will increase/decrease or stop the heating when reached the desired temperature.


    Airtecnics has a wide range of controllers from standard manual ones to advanced automatic functioning and interface to connect the air curtains to BMS systems.


    Besides we offer a large range of accessories: all kind of supports, room thermostat, door contact, solenoid valve, thermostatic valve, anti freeze sensor, etc…



Air Curtains Range

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