• Air Curtain Selection Factors

  • To select an air curtain the following factors should be kept in mind:

    • The height of the installation measured from the discharge diffuser to the floor.
    • The width of the door.
    • The location of the building to determine the level of protection needed against weather conditions (temperature, humidity and wind).
    • If the building has several doors in the same area, different or opposite façade.
    • If the building has several storeys connected by escalators / stairs.
    • Pressure differences between the inside and outside of the building.
    • Door characteristics: if always open, it opens automatically, it opens manually, revolving door, etc...
    • Characteristics of the ventilation and air conditioning installation.
    • Voltage and electrical power availability.
    • Type of business, style and decoration of the premises.Free hanging or recessed, horizontal or vertical installation, heated or unheated, etc…

    Some installations with strong wind conditions may compromise the air curtain due to: severe wind, extreme temperature difference indoor/outdoor, more than one door, different levels, big halls, high pressure difference, etc… In those situations a higher performance model is recommended.

    As explained, the air curtain selection depends on the installation situation. Here we show 4 different situations from the most favourable to the air curtain to the most unfavourable.

    air curtain easy situation  Air curtain standard situation

                      (1) Easy situation                            (2) Standard situation

    air curtain medium situation  Air Curtain strong situation

                    (3) Medium situation                            (4) Hard situation


    Airtecnics expert consultants with their extensive experience are at your disposal to help you choose the right air curtain for all applications.


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