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    Airtècnics experimented R&D department works together with the UPC Technical University of Catalunya (Barcelona, SPAIN) to incorporate to our air curtains the latest technology to achieve the optimum performance and efficient operation.  

     Airtecnics upc cttc   

    Airtècnics has a long term collaborative research project with Heat and Mass Transfer Technological Centre CTTC-UPC.

    Air curtain performance is evaluated in terms of energy saving and entrainment rate, applied to different applications jointly with surrounding spaces and conditioned rooms. Doorways are studied with and without air curtains.

    University works with mathematical formulation, numerical resolution and experimental validation of air curtains heat and mass transfer phenomena.

    UPC 3D CFD air curtain

                   Illustrative three-dimensional results and two-dimensional profiles

                             at the edge and the middle of the opening door


    The CFD computational code has been adapted to air curtains analysis by university researches. Then the results are verified and validated with experimental results at their own climatic chamber.

    Air curtain climate chamber university  Air curtain climate chamber test

        UPC University climatic chamber                Test of Windbox air curtain 

                                                                              in climatic chamber

    Pictures of the UPC University Climate chamber with installed Windbox air curtain for experimental tests.

    Thanks to this collaboration Airtècnics has a simulator of air curtains behaviour depending on each situation. We have the possibility of introducing all necessary parameters of the air curtain and surroundings, to analyze the situation and select the most efficient air curtain.

    Internal geometry, turbulence intensity levels, jet angle discharge, velocity profile, lamellas geometry, etc…are factors taken into account on the studies.

    UPC CFD outlet plenum study

    We can also calculate the energy saving and CO2 emission reduction when an efficient air curtain is installed on a doorway.

    Applying the acquired know-how to our units design, Airtecnics air curtains are at the cutting edge of air curtains knowledge and technology.


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